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Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 05, 2006, 08:44:28 PM
Hey everyone,

This convention TOTALLY rocked!  There was a lot of TMNT love there!  ;)  So I'll be coming on soon to give the review, the pics, and the jokes of the weekend.   It was a wonderful con all around, where any TMNT fan would of felt at home with how much we talked Turtles...

And with a surprise 3rd person at the con who worked on TMNT...   ooohh who you ask?  The person's name is on the guest list...  and the only hint I'll give for now is that he had something to do with Leonardo ;)  

Want to know more, wait till the convention review... coming soon.   o:)

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Leonardo_Mystic on November 05, 2006, 10:26:11 PM
Quote from: "Michaelangelo"
And with a surprise 3rd person at the con who worked on TMNT...   ooohh who you ask?  The person's name is on the guest list...  and the only hint I'll give for now is that he had something to do with Leonardo ;)  

Oooh.  :loopy:  *eagerly awaits*

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: WolfofMibu on November 05, 2006, 11:08:59 PM
REALLY wish I could have gone.... oh well  :P

Can't wait to hear whats going on??

Now you have me beside myself with curiousity!  ;)

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Leonardo on November 06, 2006, 12:08:08 AM
Glad you had a great time!!
I look forward to seeing the pics.

Title: Re: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Donatello on November 06, 2006, 02:28:51 PM
Quote from: "Michaelangelo"
And with a surprise 3rd person at the con who worked on TMNT...   ooohh who you ask?  The person's name is on the guest list...  and the only hint I'll give for now is that he had something to do with Leonardo ;)  

*takes a wild stab*  Michael Dobson?

Title: Thursday : Badge Pick up
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 06, 2006, 02:37:40 PM
The convention started for us on Thursday, as there was pre reg badge pick up from 6pm to 10pm.  I was so happy that I'd be able to show Brin how close the convention is me, so we get on the freeway and as we're driving we start to pass a lot of police cars from space to space, it was the first day of snow out here... not much snow, though we got black ice on the streets so accidents were happening.  (You can tell that Brin is not use to snow, I taught her about black ice that night ;) )

The worse thing we came across just happened to be blocking our path.  We went to get off at the ramp for Crooks Rd, which is the exit that the Troy Hilton is at  (Right off of that exit!!!), as we went to get off, there was a police car parked across the ramp, so we couldn't get off at our exit.  We had to get off at the next exit up, which wasn't good.  I NEVER got off at this ramp before, true I've been off of every exit south of this exit all the way back up to Detroit...   though this exit was one I never had to use before, I've passed it many times so I knew it was there... though I didn't know the area off of the ramp at all.   So it was all guessing from there.  I made a right turn back towards the expressway, I was hoping to bump into streets that I knew well like Crooks... though the names we did see that I knew, I was confused which directions they ran and if they were closed to Crooks at all.  I felt we were going a bit too far, so I made a left turn onto a street name that I knew, and started down there... after going down that road a bit, I saw a sign that pointed for I-75... I figured that had to be to the Crooks exit... so I followed the sign, which had me make one more left and sure enough down that road was Crooks... and we finally made it to the Hilton.  We found out that the exit was closed because of a car that rolled over from Black Ice.

We get to the convention and find where to pick up our badges, both Brin and I had badges ready to be picked up, though for some odd reason they didn't have me down for two tickets!   Which meant SW's ticket wasn't listed!!!!  And I knew I paid for it.  Stupid me, I recently changed my password to paypal and couldn't remember it for the life of me, after fighting with that for at least a half hour or more, I ended up getting on my bank account and showing the withdrawled transaction from there.  Oy I was not a happy camper.  Once we got that they finally approved SW her badge.

We than went out into the hall, and I was looking for Gravity Speed Phantom (, since he's the man behind Youmacon.  :)   I wanted to say good bye before going, since I did get to say when we first got there.  When we did spot him, Matt Hill was with him.  I said hi to Matt, he remembered me from Toronto Anime con ( back in March.  We talked for a minute, though so lost in the moment I didn't introduce him to Brin, and she was just staying quiet against the wall with Shadow Wolf.  I did how ever remember messages I was suppose to tell him, like from LovessDarkness (A friend from the Toronto Cons! :) )  She wanted me to say how she missed him when he cancelled out from Toronto Con.  It was a breif Hi, though I was glad to have got to see him, after that we left.

Brin told me she was waiting for me to introduce her, I didn't realize she'd be waiting for that, so I did feel really bad that she didn't get to say hi to Matt that night.  We dropped SW off at home, than came back to my house and got back to our mission of missions.   I'm a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, and I like to share it.  It's a GREAT anime, and they were going to show the movie Saturday night at the convention, though it's a movie you don't want to see unless you watch the full series first.  So the goal was to show Brin all 51 episoides before Saturday night.   So Thursday night, we watched Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs.

The convention weekend was at the beginning, and things from here on out was going to be a blast for us to enjoy!

Fridays report has photos :)

Title: Re: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 06, 2006, 02:40:02 PM
Quote from: "Donatello"
*takes a wild stab*  Michael Dobson?

Close bro, though Michael isn't on the Guest list ;)  It should be mentioned in my next report... gotta start writting it.

Title: Friday - Convention 1st Day
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 06, 2006, 09:44:18 PM
Brinatello and I got up and started to get ready for the convention, getting our baths in, and packing up the car with collectables to be signed.  I had a lot to bring for this weekend, and working out the shedual helped me decide what would go in on what day.   First day's shedual...

3pm: Opening started at 4:30pm
4pm: RPG Industry Panel – Kevin Siembieda - didn't get to do because Opening was so late.
5pm: Maid Café Guest Meet  Moved from the place originally listed for, so was waiting in the wrong spot for a bit.
6pm: Spent at Maid Cafe
7pm: Spent at Maid Cafe
8pm: Autographs Kevin Siembieda
9pm: FUNimation Previews  Got to late, though watched a little anime.

We got to the Hilton around noon (after stopping at Wal-mart for Brin, so she could get the TMNT 3 DVD).  On our way into the Hilton, I saw Matt Hill getting out of a car at the door, so I went up and said hi.  And he seemed happy to see me, so we talked and this time I introduced Brin...

"Hey this is Brinatello, she's flew in from CA to meet you!"
"Really?!  Cool!"  Matt replies and goes over giving Brinatello a BIG HUG... a blank look on Brin's face...
"Um, who are you?"  

(That's right Brin, you'll never live it down ;)  o:) )

Matt was wearing different clothes and a hat from when she first met him, so she didn't realize it was him.  We got a laugh and moved in, sitting down in the Lobby with Matt, I started showing him stuff and gave him a gift bag.  My gift bag had the tall TMNT 3 Raphael figure, out of package for him.   It also had photos from Toronto Anime Con and a Turtle Con 2009 Flyer ;)    Brinatello had a gift bag too, though I'll let her tell what she got him ;)  Matt couldn't stop Thanking us for the gifts.   I than showed him one of my autograph books that I had with me (the sketch book with the art from TMNT artist).  I don't know how long it was that we talked, though Brin got her coat checked in while we were there, and we decided we better go get our Maid Cafe tickets... Matt also had to go, as people were starting to notice who he was sitting there.

Brin first learned, the tickets haven't arived yet, so she got our name put down on a list.  We claimed our place in line for opening panel, and sat there.   Though we heared that they just started to set up, so we went and walked into the dealer room for a moment.  Right away in the door was the Palladium Books booth.  I went over and started to talk with them... and Brin pointed out the book she already has.  I said how happy I was to see them selling the TMNT RPG books there.  I told Brin that she should pick up at least one from these guys that she doesn't have yet.  I HIGHLY recommended "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness".   So we asked how much it was, the TMNT books were $25 each.  Brin kind of shuddered, that's out of her price range she said.   I picked up the book and opened it, and blinked seeing it was a 14th Printing.   I mentioned that, than the guy behind the counter goes "Oh we have some First Printings too"... My eyes lite up right away.  "How much?!!"  I asked... $40, right away I claimed one.  I'm buying one!  I got my mom on the phone and asked her to put that into my account so I could get the book.   Brin decided fast as well that she'll get a First Print.

We learned a few facts about the first printing on how to tell it from the other printings.  Like how the letters on the cover were all black, we also were shown something else with the first prints.  Though before we say what it is here, this is the Trivia question for this week here on TMNT-L.  Think you got a shot at this, please try your hand at in the TMNT Trivia topic (  After getting our books, Brin and I went and sat down.  We were now 4th in line...  other people started to join the line... as the time clicked.. 3pm rolled around the doors did not open.  At this point, I realized I'm hungry so I asked Brin to hold our place in line, and I went in to get us some food from Wizzy Wigs which is the booth right across from Palladium.   They had all KINDS of Japanese food, from all flavors of the pop, to the milky tea, pocky, gummy candies, and SO MUCH more!   I spent a good $15 on food, and went back to the line sitting down shareing the food with the people behind us, as they shared their food with us as well.  Trying different japanese candy is so fun!

Though this didn't help the time pass, as I even got all of my stuff packed up before there was even sign of the panel room opening... 3:30pm rolls by.. the doors are still not open... The Spoony Bards ( came to where our line was and started to play music for us.  That was so great, it helped entertained the line.   Finally a bit after 4, the doors opened and we got to go sit down.   Brin and I sat in the second roll, a lady tried to get me move all the way to the end of the roll.  I pointed out that I'm setting up a camera and that I waited over an hour out in that line, to be put way off stage right.  So she let us stay there.  The front roll was reseved for the guest.  So Lou Albano (the actor and voice of Mario from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show")  sat in front of me, with his agent Tony sitting next to him.   Matt was next to Tony, so he would lean back and talk with us before the panel started.

When the panel started they did a video, last years was fun so I couldn't wait for this years.  It was a cool touch, it was done up like a video game... the story line being that Koopa (from Mario) stold all the Guest, so Mario had to go save the guest.   So with fast forward going, we watched Mario run through every level and at the end of beating Koopa a guest would be saved.  It was great!  Really well done.  Had the crowd laughing.

After the panel, Brin and I got our tickets for the Maid Cafe and rushed up to the Con Suite and sat down, well to our surprise no one asked about our tickets or anything.  So we asked someone if this was where the Cafe was, and they said yes.  SW showed up and joined us in the Con Suite.  We waited longer, and figured something was up and went over asking one of the people running the Con suite, and t hey corrected us letting us know that it's been moved down to the bar on the 1st floor.  So we went down there.

There was a long line, which we would of been near the front of if we went to the right place for the Cafe in the first place.  Would of helped if there was a sign or note somewhere telling people that it was moved from the Con Suite... incase people like Brin and I, got info from the web site.  We made friends with the people sitting next to us in line, there was a girl dressed up as Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist and I really thought she did a GREAT job.  I enjoyed talking with her, till the line started to move.

Once we got in, they seated us not too far from the table that the guest were at, so that was pretty cool.  Than we went over the menu given to us to figure out what we were going to eat.  They were cute hand written menus, with goodies all the way through it.   Here's a peek at the food we had to choose from...



Hot Tea
- Black Tea
- Orange
- Earl Gray
- French Vanilla (they were out of fast... I wanted this)
- Mint
- Lemon and spice
- Chamomile
- Cinamon Apple (they ran out of this as well)

Bubble Tea (limit one)
- Honeydew
- Taro
- Lychee
- Green Tea
- Black Milk
- Vanilla


-Challah (aka Lumpy Bread)
- Pumkin Bread
- Banana Bread


- Hazelnut
- S'mores (GREAT!)
- Chocolate Chip
- Snicker doodle
- Sugar

- Apple Cinnamon
- Chocolate
- Chocolate Chip
- Blueberry

- Vanilla & Sprinkles

Puff Pastries
- Cream Horns
- Eclairs
- Palmers


Lemon Bars


Chocolate (Black Forest)
Carrot Cake
Lemon Chiffon


Chocolate Silk
Key Lime

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

So a lot of snacks and hanging out with the guest was the way things went at this wonderful event.  I highly recommend to anyone who comes to Youmacon in the future.  We ordered what we wanted, and sat down talking... Matt came over and sat at our table a little bit talking, he signed a few things for me so I could leave them home on Saturday.  After talking, we took a few pictures though knew that he had to go around and say hi to others we said bye to him for right than, though the event was only starting... as Caitlin Glass came over behind Brin and said hi to us.  So we talked to her for a little bit, than Tony (Lou's agent) came over and talked with us... it seemed it was long before Chris Cason came and sat down at our table.   Chris stayed for a long time talking with us, not just about anime though other things as well.  

One of the funniest things going on with the guest that day was the Bubble Tea... it started with Matt, when he first came to our table he had a Bubble Tea with him, Brin mentioned that she thought about trying it, and he offered to let her try his.  I watched as Brin took a drink and the look of horror that went across her face, I cracked up laughing.   Matt is like "You can just spit it back into there, I'm not going to drink anymore."  Though Brin was brave and swallowed it.    So when Chris was sitting at our table he ordered one, we were hoping he'd get a better tasting one than Matt's...  Brin, the Maid for our table and I was sitting there as Chris tried it... we're all watching the poor guy.  As the Maid goes "Well?"  He didn't look like he wanted to answer this as he said "Well this is akward... "  he grinned to us.  "It deff has a taste of it's own".   As soon as the Maid walked away he spits out the bubbles which is this gummy little ball.  He starts to play with it, saying how it's like a burger.  So when people would come up to the table while Chris was there, Chris would show them what that nasty stuff looked like.  I didn't try it, though wasn't jumping at trying it after I watched everyone else's reaction to it.  

Matt came back to the table and talked with us more, as I explained what really happened to my bad arm to him, Tony was there for that talk.   We talked for a bit more than he decided to head out, it was after 8pm already, so the Cafe was done.  Chris got called over to another table, well I went up to check on Chris which is when I noticed Tony Oliver.  I walked up to him, I remember hearing over and over that he worked for Power Rangers, so I had a question for him since I couldn't find the answer online anywhere.  

"Tony, you worked with Power Rangers, right?"
"Yeah..."  Tony answered
"Did you have anything to do with the Power Ranger, Ninja Turtle Cross over?"
"Yes I was the voice of one of the Turtles, Michaelangelo..."  
"Oh than can you come down here and sign my T-Shirt".   Tony came down and I showed him my shirt.  
"Is Cam Clarke on here?"  He asked
"Yes, how did you know I met him?"  I asked a bit shocked since I JUST got Cam on there this last Month.
"I didn't know, just that I got the Turtle I did because I sounded the most like Cam"
"OH!  Than you were Leonardo, Not Michaelangelo!"

There you have it folks, the mystery guest is the voice of Leonardo on the Power Rangers in Space episoides.  Which I learned a few things, first of all there's a total of 3 episoides that were filmed!  So there's a LOT of cut scenes.  I also learned that they really had no clue where they were going, and as I've mentioned to others in the past, they were leaning more towards the original cartoon than the Next Mutation story line.  Which was made very clear to me when he mentioned Cam Clarke.  The reason that the actors from the Next Mutation were not used for the cross over was Union issues.  So a few answers to questions that people have talked about in the past with that cross over.  I didn't talk to him too much more than, as the Cafe just turned into a Birthday party for Chris and Caitlin.  As cakes were brought in and people sang.  It wasn't too long after that, when we cleaned up got a few pictures and headed out of the Cafe ourselves.  

We went up to the autograph session with Kevin Siembieda, got him to sign our RPG books and talked to him a little there.    To not be a pest we didn't stick around up there too long, as we got down stairs we talked about food and what we're going to do.  We ended up going back to the bar and getting food there.  Both Brin and SW got some pasta dish, I got a salade and Pizza, there was a specail menu for the Youmacon goers... so it cost us $8 a piece.  

After eatting we got together with Eclipse and Iruka and headed back to my place.   Let's see... five people in a VW Bug, you can only guess at how well that went ;)

Pictures coming soon!

Title: Friday - Photos from 1st day
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 06, 2006, 10:52:28 PM
Hey everyone, here's Friday's pictures.

Just a note, Jaffa is tempoary wearing an orange mask.  His original mask got worn through, so we till we can get some yellow cloth to replace it, he's got some orange.  So for Youmacon he cosplayed as Michaelangelo.

Matt Hill and Jaffa at the Maid Cafe.

Caitlin Glass, Brinatello, Jaffa and myself at the Maid Cafe.

Brinatello, Jaffa & Matt Hill at the Maid Cafe

Matt Hill, Jaffa and myself at the Maid Cafe.

Brinatello and Chris Cason at the Maid Cafe.

Chris and me at the Maid Cafe.

Chris with a gift from Gravity Speed Phantom (

Wrath with some red stones (anyone who watches FMA will understand this pic :) )

Brinatello with Caitlin and Chris with their gifts from Gravity Speed Phantom (

Chris and Caitlin feeding each other gifts at the Maid Cafe.

Tony Oliver and Jaffa Cake at the Maid Cafe.

Tony Oliver, Jaffa and me at the Maid Cafe.

Kevin Siembieda with Jaffa Cake and me at his autograph session.

SW with a drawing that she got at Artist alley...  Jaffa sneaking in the picture too (this is still at the Kevin autograph area.

Brinatello, Jaffa and one of the Palladium guys we got to talk to a lot :)

Jaffa Cake with Pizza with ranch and lettus on it.

Eclipse (dressed as Naurto) and Iruka (heh dressed as Iruka) right before we left for the night.

There's the Friday pictures!

Saturday review and pictures hopefully to come soon.

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Brinatello on November 07, 2006, 01:32:46 AM
Wow, the pictures came out real good!  The Maid Cafe was such a fun event; it was well worth doing!  As for my report, I can pretty much give a little bit from my point of view with some quoting for fill-ins:

Quote from: "Michaelangelo"
We got to the Hilton around noon (after stopping at Wal-mart for Brin, so she could get the TMNT 3 DVD). On our way into the Hilton, I saw Matt Hill getting out of a car at the door, so I went up and said hi. And he seemed happy to see me, so we talked and this time I introduced Brin...

"Hey this is Brinatello, she's flew in from CA to meet you!"
"Really?! Cool!" Matt replies and goes over giving Brinatello a BIG HUG... a blank look on Brin's face...
"Um, who are you?"

(That's right Brin, you'll never live it down   )
*hides face*  That was one of the most embarrassing moments!  I was so tired and not thinking straight, I really didn't look his way until he came over and hugged me!  I thought it was just some random guy that Ivey knew from a past con!  He didn't have a cap on Thursday night, so I couldn't see his hair.  I simply lifted the cap and saw the blond curls and then knew who he was!  Ugh, I'm such a dork!   #o

Quote from: "Michaelangelo"
Matt was wearing different clothes and a hat from when she first met him, so she didn't realize it was him. We got a laugh and moved in, sitting down in the Lobby with Matt, I started showing him stuff and gave him a gift bag. My gift bag had the tall TMNT 3 Raphael figure, out of package for him. It also had photos from Toronto Anime Con and a Turtle Con 2009 Flyer  Brinatello had a gift bag too, though I'll let her tell what she got him  Matt couldn't stop Thanking us for the gifts.
Okay, Thursday night after we got our badges and left the Hilton, we stopped at a K-Mart by my request to hunt for a certain DVD for Christine's birthday.  I followed Ivey down the toy aisle and she picked up this box of a Raphael action figure with the TMNT III DVD included.  It was $14.99 with a 10% discount.  She thought we should get that for Matt and I said that sounded like a nice gift.  We went to the cards section to find a good-sized gift bag (preferably with TMNT on it) but to no avail.  I bought the toy anyway and the next day (Friday) before the con, we stopped at WalMart where I found a nice size bag to fit the toy and I also picked up TMNT III on DVD for the first time.  $7.99 was not a bad price.  Ivey almost bought some FF toys but put them back.  I assured her Christmas was around the corner and that she shouldn't buy stuff like that.

While driving to the Hilton, I sat in the front seat putting the toy in the bag and placing lime-green tissue paper to hide the top.  Tissue paper flew everywhere; I had to be careful not to bump Ivey or have tissue paper fly in her face!  As soon as we met up with Matt in the lobby, we presented him with the pressies.  I couldn't very well carry the gift bag all over the con and not look obvious!  He loved the gifts and more hugs went around.   <3

Let's see what else I can think of.  Oh, yeah, as we waited for the Opening Ceremonies to start, we also walked down Artist Alley and I found a beautiful drawing of Winry from FMA for tarot cards.  She was chosen as The Chariot.  I debated on buying it, but I'm glad I did later on.  It was only $5 and I went to have Caitlin Glass sign it during the autograph session.

More on the Maid Cafe, even though we sat a ways back from the guests, they did make their rounds and came up to us.  That was a nice visit from each of them.  Yeah, the Bubble Tea incident had me laughing hysterically.  Yes, Matt let me try his vanilla one and about three bubbles shot up through the straw into my mouth.  They're a gummie-like texture and don't have flavor.  That's why I started to gag.  From my reaction Matt told me to keep it or throw it away, whatever I decide.  When Chris Cason (voice of Gluttony from FMA) came to sit down next to me, he braved the Bubble Tea, but pulled the bubble from his mouth!  Matt leaned over from behind me and pointed to the gooey thing hanging from his finger.  He goes, "See, what the f*** is that?  What the F*** IS THAT?"  I started to laugh real hard as Chris started to play with the thing, trying to brush it off onto a plate!

Have to sign off at the moment, but I'll report later!

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Leonardo on November 07, 2006, 02:15:28 AM
Glad you all have had a great time!!!
And nice to see you post, too, Brinatello!

As for bubble tea!! That's been out here for a few years, most commonly found when we we'd go up to Chinatown in San Francisco. And I enjoyed it, actually!! So did Leah Nardo, who introduced me to it.
Not all of the flavours would appeal to me (vanilla-no. things like mango or green tea-yes), and the bubbles are harmless, some form of something similar to tapioca according to Leah. While I don't care for tapioca pudding, having giant size pearls of it in a slightly sweetened tea was good.

Hope you have fun until your return home, and I hope that goes well, too, Brina.

As for the RPG game, the difference was some material they didn't have the rights to publish in the later printings.

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 07, 2006, 12:43:12 PM
Oh Leo, Brin's already home.  She went home yesterday... miss her already :(

About Palladium the difference that I'm asking about in the trivia is a difference with the cover alone.  Without looking inside the book... I gave mutilpal choice answers, if ya wanna check it out and see if ya can get that ;)

Title: Saturday - 2nd day of Youmacon
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 07, 2006, 01:30:46 PM
Starting the day at 6am, we got another DVD done of FMA with Brinatello...   she's only got two left before finishing the series, and that night there was going to be a showing of the movie at the convention.  Though we had no time to watch 2 DVDs before leaving the house, so I got to borrow my dad's portable DVD player so we could watch the last two disk durning down time at Youmacon.

Though before we went to the con we took time for Breakfast, which was fun because Eclipse and Iruka was in costume already.  We're at a place we eat often, so some friends came over and talked with us.  And he even took a group shot picture of us.  I pulled out my camera and took a few pictures too, though didn't do a group shot.  I should of.

After that we left to the con.  Since this time Nadine Blackstone ( was joining us, so there was six of us.  So my mom gave one group a ride in her car, while the rest got to ride in my bug.  We got to the con and found where the panel was going to be, and as I found that I turned around and saw Matt in the Hall.  So I went up to him saying Hi.  

I brought my movie 3 Michaelangelo head, since he did ask to see it.  So while in the hall I pulled it out and showed it to him, as he looked it over.  He confirmed that it is an actor head, not a stunt double head so it is what I thought.  This guy with a video camera came through while we were in the hall, and Matt showed him the head in the cooler.  Well the youtube people caught a part with Matt and my head, it's after the dart scene and the very short clip in the Con suite at this link  (And if you want more video review of Youmacon 2006, check through the rest of this guys footage, it's GREAT!).

As you may hear my voice saying "Matt your panel is this room" I got Matt to his panel for "Captain N the Game Master" of course it became an anything panel.  Lou, the voice of Mario sat in on the panel as well.  It was a FUN panel, since Matt really just used it to talk with us and have fun.  I got him to do a script reading, hehe he messed up, though covered it up nicely like he didn't do anything wrong, though I caught it ;)  I didn't ask too many questions this time since there was other people asking questions, though I found it funny at one point when the crowd was kind of quiet he was looking for someone to ask a question and he pointed at Brin "How about you California?"  Heh she asked him if he'd go to San D con ;)

Matt did something at the end of the panel that just totally surprised me, he asked for everyone in the crowd to come up and do a photo shoot.  I think that was one of the coolest things I've ever seen a guest do at their panel.  It's something for the fans to really remember the panel by.  We all went up, I even brought the Mikey head up there and we got our photos taken.  It was a lot of cameras... and some how the guy got my camera twice, so there's two pictures on my camera of the same thing (not like I don't do doubles any how when I'm taking a picture, so I'm glad).  After that, we told Matt we'll see him later, as we had to go off.

A Naurto Fan Panel was coming in, now if they had guest and a real reason to do a panel, I'd stick around.  Though for fans to just be sitting up there talking it wasn't something I was going to get down with at that time.  I talk to fellow fans all the time online, and when we're sitting around in other parts of the con.  *shrug*  I figured this would be the perfect time to get Brin to see a disk of FMA, so we went up stairs to the Con Suite and sat down in one of the side rooms attached... (there's two side rooms to the con suite, one had a bed, one didn't... we were in the one that didn't).  When we went in there, no one else was there.   Though the cleaning crew chased people into the side room so they could clean, so half way through the disk the noise level went up, and Brin had to switch to using the head set (which is better than the speakers anyhow).

Nadine Blackstone started to work with some cosplayers on a hair style one of the guys was trying to get down sitting at a mirror.  While a group of RPers from the Palladium table had another table in the room.  I'm still not use to the dice RP, they had a lot of books and stuff with them.  It was interesting to glance over and watch what they were doing from time to time.   We talked a bit as well, and I brought out the Michaelangelo head, since he was sitting in a Cooler there.   They brought up that I need to show that to Kevin.  :)

While Brin used the head set I sat on the floor sorting the autograph stuff.... first there was going to be the FMA autograph session, than the Mario autograph session and last but deff not least the autograph session with Matt and Patrick Seitz.  So I put everything for Matt to sign in the suite case I was pulling around with me, put the stuff for the FMA crew and Mario to sign in my green TMNT 3 back pack.   Gave SW the Camera and Tripod so they could video tape the FMA panel I was going to miss.  I got everything sorted and ready for the autograph session, even had the wall scrolls folded so the actors didn't have to unfold them if they didn't want to.   I was happy with the set up I got, though problems were starting for me... starting to get worse that is.

My arm was acting up a lot before Brin even got here... so going through the con was rough on it, and Saturday I was feeling it.  When I was at TN's house her mom gave me an orange scraf, and I've been wrapping it around my arm to try and keep my arm warmer.  Though my arm is getting more shooting pains, and stronger constant pain.  I believe it's from over working it with that cleaning project, I pushed myself too hard.  That and with this colder weather, it's just a fried up mess.  :(  I just felt like curling up somewhere to protect my arm and stay there... though I wasn't going to let this pain stop me.

Brin finished the second to last disk just in time for us to get into the FMA line for autographs.  As we went over there, our jaws dropped open to see a GREAT Al costume!  I loved it, and even took notice that the eyes should be able to light up in it (when I asked they said the batteries were dead and they haven't got new ones yet).  I told them since I want to get pictures of them when they get up to the VA's, they could get in front of us in line.  That went over well, as they did join us in line.  I took a handful of pictures of them, that Al still blows me away, he's the best I've seen so far.

Once we got up there, Ed and Al gave Caitlin some Bday gifts... they knew her bday was coming up.  Though they didn't realize that it was Chris's Birthday!!  Heh he got some Candy from Nadine Blackstone.  I requested to do a group shot with Ed, Al, Caitlin and Chris... than asked for a picture of Chris trying to take a bite out of Al (watch the series if you wanna know why ;) ).  After the pictures we did the autograph session.  I got to talk a little more with Caitlin than I have on this visit so far, she mentioned how it's been a little bit and I told her how I've just been doing a lot of other events and how I finally got to meet Aaron, and how I saw Travis and Vic twice since I last saw her.  After her, I went up and got to talk to Chris, he is really a great guy.  We got him to laugh a little and than stepped out of the way for the many others to come for their autographs.

We went and rested a bit, by this point my body was ready to just pass out if I would allow it too.  So I just wanted to find some dark hole to hide in, and I was hoping to show Brin some more FMA... though we found a quiet spot, which was a laundry room down the hall from the con suite, we never got around to it.  Lou's autograph session was coming up too fast.  His line sadly was the shortest of the autograph lines (for actors).  They gave away free Mario Posters for the DVD Volume 1 set, and two things that looked like press release photos with short info on the Super Mario bros Super Show, and they had a picture of Lou from when he was Captain Lou.  I took the two Mario print ups and the poster, I also had Lou sign my new Mario Bros Volume 2 box set.  He's 76 years old now... hard to believe... it doesn't seem that long ago when he was on the Super Mario Bros Super Show!   I so remember watching that as a kid!

After that, we went and sat down again.  I'm getting hungry, and tired.  Sadly though the candy that I brought found it's way back to the bug and I was too sore to make my way all the way to the bug to get anything.  Infact after every autograph session SW was nice enough to run my handful of junk back to the bug for me.  Nadine Blackstone and Shadow Wolf than had to split from us, as they went to the FMA panel and we went to the Matt Hill autograph line, in line I turned on the DVD player and gave Brin the head set and had her start the last disk of FMA.  I was worried since we were relying on the battery at this point and I didn't know when it was last charged or if it had a full charge to it.  The girl behind us in line was a FMA fan, so she would make comments every now and than and it'd worry me cause of how she wanted to speak about either the last ep which Brin wasn't at yet or the movie... I didn't want Brin to get spoilers, since this is one of those shows where it's better to watch without reading Spoilers.

I think this helped us get through the line faster.  I enjoyed watching Brin's reactions on her face to the show. ;)  THe worse thing was where the line was... I had problems with that.. there was these air vents in the wall blowing cold air at the line and that would keep hitting me.  Man I'm so tired of cold wind causing pain.  Once we got up in line I had Pat sign a few things and confessed to not finding everything I wanted him to sign from home.  Than I got up to Matt, and I asked him if he was still going to stick around and sign some stuff for me after this... though he said he had to run, so he had me sit down on the side of the table and he'd sign things between the autographs he was doing for others.   So Brin and I sat there.

Brin paused the DVD while she got her stuff signed, than she sat down and started it back up.  This was funny cause some of her reactions to the TV were verbal, and Matt would just kind of look at her.  Than go back to signing things.  I didn't want to talk too much, since other fans needed attention as well, I don't want to be one of those people who just rules a conversation while people are trying to meet their idol, so I'd sit down on a chair behind Matt quiet like while fans were going up and talking to him, but when there was a break he'd grab something of mine and I'd step up and talk to him a little.   Before the next fan came.   There were times when fans would be stopped at Pat for a little before getting to Matt.  I think that shocked Pat, cause as he said when he got here... he didn't think anyone would really know his work and the line would be for Matt not him.  I think this made Pat happy.  :)

Durning this time Brin finished the FMA series as the DVD player started to show 'low battery' across the screen.   Her first line that came out of her mouth was "What happens?!!?!?!?!?!"  I replied "The Movie" with a slight grin on my face.  We finished the autograph session and said our good byes to Matt getting a few more pictures before leaving.  We went to the hall way near the laundry room again, which has become our quiet spot.  Once we got there, I didn't want to move my body was throbbing, I just wanted to find a spot and go to sleep... though everyone was talking food.  I mentioned food across the street.  I got it set up so we can get some pizza and eat, so we talked about what we wanted than I headed across the street with SW and NB.  We got two medium pizzas, and breadsticks.  Some of us got some pop too, since the pop in the Con Suite would keep running out.  

Once we got back we decided to take the food into the back of a video room, why?   Well simple... at this convention we noticed if you got food snacks what ever, as soon as you open it up people swram you for food.  We got just enough for our group and it did cost us the total was over $30!   So we couldn't afford strangers coming and taking a picking at our dinner.  So we picked the video room that was the most empty and no one was sitting in our back corner.   The anime playing was Princess Princess, I've heard the title before this day though now that I've seen a bit and how much I laughed at it, I may have to pick it up just for laughs.   Even though we hide our food in the dark and had us circled around it, still as soon as SW started to pass the plates back to Iruka and Eclipse, a stranger went to grab the plate.  SW snapped at him that the plate wasn't for him.   There was no where safe to eat food at this con unless ya had a table at the bar or sea food place, or a room in the hotel.....

After eatting we went to the movie room, they had the Masquerade playing on a screen, with no sound what so ever.  We took seats in there, so that we can be first in there for the FMA movie.  We didn't really get to see much of the Masquerade, as there was a comdain on stage as the judges were going to judge the costumes, that's what we were told at least.   Than when they finally did get the costumes to start to come up and except their awards, the screens froze than went black... life feed was down.  *shrug*  So everyone in the room was just sitting around talking... some were hackling the guy on stage when the video was going.   A lot of people enjoyed the fact that there was no sound so they could pick on it, and requested the same type of set up for next year.

After that we learned that they were splitting the room in half for it to be two video rooms.   One being the Fullmetal Alchemist movie (, and I don't know what the other was.   So Brin, SW and I helped them put the chairs where they belong, and tried to help bring out the walls to split the room.  We got front roll for the FMA movie (and here I thought that'd mean we'd get to hear it ;) ).   Once we got the room set up, we took our seats and they waited for 10:30 to start the movie, in hopes that Caitlin and Chris would show up as they said they would, though they didn't make it in time so the movie was started.  The sound was so quiet, and when we asked to close the hall doors, they said they couldn't.  Someone else finally got up and closed those doors to cut out the back ground noise that really made it so we couldn't hear the movie.  Though still the sound was quiet, and anytime the characters were using really quiet voices you couldn't hear it... and the volume was fully up.  Brin and I moved to the floor just to be able to hear the movie, had the speakers right there where we could touch them.  Though I think Brin still really enjoyed the movie.

After the movie we got up and Brin noticed Chris standing in the back of the room so we went and talked to him.  There was someone cosplaying his character, so we got pictures of him with the cosplayer.  SW, Eclipse, and Iruka would keep taking off to do other stuff... though Brin, NB, and I stood and talked with Chris for a good hour and a half to two hours... everytime we'd try to say good bye he'd get on another topic.  We had a lot of great topics, talked about the Maid Cafe a little, talked about working at Haunted Houses, and so much other fun stuff.  He'd joke about the food in his to go thing going bad.   He also got filled in about what happened to my arm.  We had a lot of bathroom jokes, since we were standing in front of the girls bathroom, we'd get complained too if we shifted in which way, cause we'd be blocking the door.   My mom called while we were talking to him, she's sitting in the parking lot and can take three people home, this is when I realized it was going on 2am... SW, Eclipse, and Iruka jumped at the ride to go home... they like the rest of us were very tired.  So they went to ride with my mom.  

We finally started to leave Chris, though before leaving we had to sing "Happy Birthday" to him one more time.. this time he showed us what was in his to go thing, it was Birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Chris!"   We all laughed, gave our hugs and walked away.  I'll never forget that night.

We went home, and some how beat my mom's car (they stopped at a store).   We came in and for the first time, Brin and I could just go to sleep.  Though we had to get up at 8am for another morning panel for Sunday.

Sunday coming soon, pictures are to be posted first.

Title: Saturday - 2nd day of Youmacon's Pictures
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 07, 2006, 04:34:52 PM
Eclipse dressed as Naurto, and Iruka as Iruka at Breakfast.

Brin and SW at breakfast

Matt Hill durning the Captain N panel.

Lou at the Captain N Panel, NB was sitting in the roll behind him.

The group shot picture that Matt had done at the end of the Captain N panel.  NB is next to me, and on the other side of her is Brin.  I got my Mikey head in the photo... and man do I look like I'm going to pass out, this is only the beginning of day two.

Ed & Al we met at the FMA autograph line!

Headless Al durning the FMA autograph line.

SW, Brin and NB in the FMA autograph line.

Chris reaction to the Al costume at the FMA autograph session.

Caitlin getting a present from Ed & Al at the FMA autograph session

Caitlin with her gifts from Ed & Al at the FMA autograph session.

Caitlin giving Al a hug after getting her gifts at the FMA autograph session.

Group shot of Ed, Al, Caitlin and Chris at the FMA autograph session.

Chris getting a bite out of Al at the FMA autograph session.

Nadine Blackstone with Chris at the FMA autograph session.

Caitlin and Chris signing autographs at the FMA autograph session.

Kevin with my Michaelangelo head at his booth in the dealer room.   We took it there between autograph sessions to show him, and his reaction was priceless ;)

The FMA photo shoot, it was being ran by the one cosplaying the mother of Ed & Al, though in the middle of it some lady came in and asked if she should take over cause she ran a lot of the other photo shoot... the one lady running it said no, she's handling it... but the other lady still took over.  I found that to be rather rude, the other lady had them go outside.. I felt bad for the cosplayers who are wearing little to keep warm out side... like Wrath.  

More of the FMA photo shoot.

And more of the FMA photo shoot.

Lou doing his autographs at his autograph session.

Brin with Lou at Lou's autograph session.

Matt & Pat at their autograph session.

Matt doing autographs

Matt with fans at his autograph session.

Matt making faces at the camera at his autograph session.   xD

Brin with her Youmacon program at Matt's autograph session.

Matt with my Michaelangelo movie prop from TMNT 3.

Brinatello and Matt at the autograph session.

Ivey and Matt at the autograph session....  (last picture of Matt, he left the con after this).

Gluttony Cosplayer we bumped into at the Con suite.

Chris with the Gluttony Cosplayer after the FMA movie, this is where stood in the hall for an hour and a half to two hours talking with Chris.

Nadine Blackstone with the Gluttony Cosplayer and Chris... they're going to eat her.  (for those who don't know, Gluttony eats anything and everything in the FMA series... his favorite thing to eat is people though).

That's it for Saturday!  :)   Sunday review coming soon.

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: CriticalCrittles on November 07, 2006, 08:27:44 PM
Oh man, looks like you guys had a total blast! I'm very sad I didn't get to come ;-; I will do everything in my power for next year though, I promise! <3

Title: Sunday, Last day of Youmacon
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 07, 2006, 09:35:35 PM
Sunday we woke up around 8am, once again it sounded like we were going for breakfast.   Though before I left I had to make sure the VCR was set to tape Fast Forward, once I got sick of trying to set my VCR which was being a pain in the shell.   I went and had my dad set the living room TV to tape it.  Than we went for breakfast.  This time my dad joined us.

Once we got to the convention we were a bit late, I went straight to the Palladium panel, as much as I really wanted to be a part of this panel, there was so much going on.  Everyone kind of splitting up here and there, I ended up staying in the room for that panel.  Though a lot of distractions, I sat in the back of the room to not distract the panel itself.  They were talking about Gaming, good ways to handle it and fun things people could do to make the game more interested like having people who are not even part of the game record a message that can be used in the game, that was something I never thought of though I don't do much live gaming any how.  They also mentioned acting out (which I do) and props (which I use).  It was an interesting panel when I could pay attention, just wish I got there a little earlier than the panel to get everyone knowing what they're up to next.

The next panel held me for a bit too, really wish I could of recorded these but didn't have enough video tape to do all the panels we wanted.  It was the "Robotech and Macross" panel and both Tony Oliver and Kevin was in it.  I learned a bit about the law suites that went on with it.  It was a mess, and still is over in Japan.  Law suites are still going on because of Robotech.  I stayed as long as I could in the panel, but had to do my last run into the dealer room... knowing the rest of my time was jam packed with autograph sessions and panels.   Tony Oliver's autograph session started at the same as the "Otaku Family Feud" that we were told Chris we would come to.   After hitting the dealer room, we gathered our stuff and raced up to the autograph line, Eclipse and Iruka held a spot for us in the line, so we were first in line.  He got our stuff signed and took pictures and went down finding a spot in front roll before "Otaku Family Feud' even started.  

We talked with Chris some more and showed him and Caitlin my Leonardo head.  I also showed him my home made costume head.  We took some pictures with the Leonardo head, like Leo biting Chris.  Than we sat down, people came up and talked with us.  We made a lot of friends over the weekend.  Hopefully some of which could join us here and share their stories of Youmacon.  When the game started we paid attention to it, some of the stuff was hard others was easy... I'm sitting there mumbling the answers to myself... one of which disappointed me that no one got the answer that was on the tip of my tounge.  

I was so happy with Chris' team won the Feud!   Esp since at first Caitlin's team was in the lead and Chris was so far behind it didn't look like they could catch up.  Though they won, and right away it came to getting ready for "So I Get Paid to Say This?" This had all of the voice actors that were still at the convention, meaning everyone besides for Matt.  Right to left the VAs were:  Brett Weaver, Caitlin Glass, Tony Oliver, Lou Albano, Chris Cason, and Patrick Seitz.  

This panel was GREAT  we had a lot of funny stories.  Like Brett telling us about his dislike for Barney and being asked to become Barney!  Got stories of how small the booths can get for voice recording.  We got to hear stories like people finding out who they are in normal life.. Tony had a good story about taking his daughter to the eye doctors, and needing something done with his glasses as well, though when the doc realized who he was by the name on the file, he couldn't stop talking about Robotech.... the daughter was so mad that her dad stold all the attention.  

We also learned about conventions that have stood out to them.  So far they all had nice things to say about Youmacon, and this was true even off of the stage.  The Guest are treated great at this convention, with food and everything.  Caitlin used some stories about Youmacon from last year to say why she liked this convention, and how it has affected other conventions by some things she started doing here.  

The panel was two hour longs, with lots of questions.  And most of the time every guest got to answer the question asked.  So it was a good panel, to get to know these guest.  I know a lot more about the guest I just met, and I hope to see them all again.  Every guest was very nice and spent time talking with anyone who went up to talk to them.  I'm sure Matt would of loved this panel if he could of stayed.

Brett had to leave first, before the panel was even over to catch his plane.  I was a bit disappointed, because one of the things he talked about was his first convention where he got to meet Bruce Cambell.  When I heard his story about Bruce, I so wanted to stop and talk to Brett for a bit, to let him know that Bruce use to work with my dad on the Ghoul show... which got my dad into a lot of their early movies.   Though since Brett had to leave early, I guess I'll have to save that talk for the next time I meet him.

After this panel was over, came the closing Cermony, which was just the Guest going up and saying a few words.  It's funny most of the stuff that Chris mentioned included NB, Brin and I moments.  He even mentioned how cool it was to touch a Ninja Turtle movie head!  Hopefully we'll get to see some of these guest back next year!

After Closing we stood around and said our good byes, though I was having a very hard time with this.  I was hurting so bad in my arm, I was ready for us to leave.  Though with notice being brought to the fact that I got the head, a lot of people were coming up and requesting to see it.  So Leo got a lot of attention, and pictures taken of him.  I got my stuff packed up, and we spent about another hour there saying good bye to the guest.  Got some hugs from some of them.  

All in all Youmacon was a TOTAL blast, THANKS to everyone who came to make it this specail event!

Thanks Matt Hill for all the time you got to talk with us, I can't wait to see you again!
Thanks Brin for coming over and spending this weekend with me, not much sleep though lots of GREAT memories!
Thanks Eclipse and Iruka for joining us, and giving us plenty of laughs too bad we didn't get to spend more time together there!  Though you guys have lots of other events you can share with us here!
Thanks Chris for being such a cool guy, I enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you at many future cons to come!
Thanks Kevin for talking and hanging out with us, it's really an honor to have gottan to meet you again and I can't wait to meet you again in the future!

And a Specail Thanks to Gravity Speed Phantom!!!!!  Without you, this event couldn't have been possable!  THANKS so much for everything!!!!!

- Sunday Photos coming Soon -

Title: Sunday, Last day of Youmacon's Photos
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 07, 2006, 09:59:57 PM
Sunday Breakfast

Brin and Iruka at Breakfast

Iruka and Eclipse at Breakfast

Tony Oliver holding my Leonardo head from TMNT 3, at his autograph session.

Shadow Wolf and Tony Oliver at his autograph session.

Chris Cason with Leo's head and me, his hand is being attacked... Before "Family Feud".

Chris, Leo's head and me before the "Family Feud".

Caitlin's team in Family Feud.

Chris' team in Family Feud, the winning team.

Chris durning 'Family Feud'

Left to Right, Tony, Caitlin and Brett.   "So I Get Paid to Say This?" Panel

Left to Right, Patrick, Chris and Lou.  "So I Get Paid to Say This?" Panel

Left to Right, Tony, Caitlin, and Brett.   Looks like they're having fun up there.  :)

Left to Right: Patrick, Chris, Lou, Tony, Caitlin, and Brett.  "So I Get Paid to Say this?" Panel  Group shot.

A group shot of Brin, NB, Chris and I.   We did this in memory of how much time we got to talk.  Chris is a great guy and I recommend meeting him to any con goer out there.  :)

That's it!   Youmacon report is done!  Now to try and get time to finish all those other reports like Anime Next 2006 ;)

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Iruka on November 07, 2006, 10:28:15 PM


Well, I can't really write reviews... Too long for me...

But my favourite parts, eh?

When we came into the hotel on friday, I got glomped by a Kakashi, since I was dressed at Iruka....XD And they already took pictures, there. I love Kakashi!

And on Saturday, there was that HUGE conga line! *LOL* We saw it (Naruto and I) and just joined in. It was very funny. It went all around the tables there and up the stairs. We wanted to continue, but we collapsed...XD

And later, an Itachi stole my Kakashi plushie. I glomped her from behind and held on to her, trying to get it back. We fell to the ground, looking like we were humping each other and I just wanted my plushie back, but her grip was too tight! XD So Naruto sat down on my butt, while I was lying on top of Itachi, and it looked even worse than before. People took pictures and filmed it, too. I laughed and laughed, but still tried to get it back and another girl sat down on Naruto! She spilled water over us! XD It was really disturbing! But funny!

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Brinatello on November 21, 2006, 10:40:32 PM
I got my Youmacon ( photos back and they are all up for your viewing pleasure.  Here's some that I thought came out very nice:

Caitlin Glass visiting our table at the Maid Café

Matt Hill also stopped by to say 'hello' :)

Chris Cason pulling out a yucky Bubble Tea bubble.  It looked like a booger!   xD

I assume those were cookies on sticks.  From l-r, Chris Cason, Patrick Seitz, Caitlin Glass and Tony Oliver

Me with Kevin Siembieda

Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayers: Edward, Scar and Winry

Terra Branford from FFVI

American McGee's Alice in Wonderland...with a hint of Disney from the blonde hair.  Very cool.

Chris promoting the women's bathroom.  We didn't realize we were standing by it and wondered why girls kept walking in-between us!   xD

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Michaelangelo on November 21, 2006, 10:55:40 PM
THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm as doomed as doomed can be you know!!!!

I didn't realize ya got pictures when Matt was holding the Mikey head :)

That's the one I liked the best out of those shots :)

THANKS AGAIN!  These pictures rock!!!!   :))  :))  :))  :))  :))  :))  :))  :))

:mike: :mike: :mike: :mike:

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Brinatello on November 22, 2006, 12:21:26 AM
Hehehe, you're welcome!  I was quite pleased with how the pics came out and even loved your set as well!  As soon as I'm able to, I'll mail you copies of all of my pics.  Beware, there's a lot!  :)

Title: Review Youmacon 2006
Post by: Michaelangelo on January 12, 2007, 01:57:44 AM
Found a video of me on youtube, figured I'd share it here :)