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Author Topic: Resident Evil Final Chapter A Review (SPOILERS!)  (Read 3814 times)
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« on: January 29, 2017, 10:10:51 AM »

Okay so I'm not a big fan of this series.  I liked a couple of the old games and have the soundtrack for the first movie.  I also have the second movie I think in a four pack of DVDs.  The thing about this adaptation is it has little to do with the games from what I can tell.  Alice (Mila Jovovich) is seen making it to Washington DC.  To say this movie is post-apocalyptic is an understatement.  It is mentioned in the movie that there are only around 5000 people still alive in the world.  The old story of the "T-Virus" infecting all life forms and causing the zombie outbreak is in full effect.  Movie opens with a Thank You from Paul WS Anderson and Mila.  Now I know about Paul from way back when Mortal Kombat (1995) was a big thing for me.  Then there's about a 5-10 minute recap of everything that's happened.  The Red Queen is an AI whose avatar is supposedly Alyssia (a high up at the Umbrella Corporation) as a child. She pretty much runs Umbrella.

Anyways Alice fights off a huge flying monster with a car.  I forget how but the Red Queen gives Alice her mission to get back to Raccoon City to the Hive to stop the last of humanity being killed.  A timer of 24:00 is put on her wristband.  She immediately fights off Umbrella agents in great stuntwork.  She steals a motorcycle.  She runs into tanks one with the clone of Dr. Isaacs in it.  Fighting ensues with Alice on the two tanks.  She's running behind one at one point with her hands tied to it.  Anyways she's able to get free and make it to Raccoon City meets up with the survivors including Claire Redfield.  They wait for the tanks to come and all heck breaks loose once the hoards of zombies get there.  They use catapults to destroy one of the tanks and also set a thousand zombies on fire.

Anyways Alice and the others high tail it over to the Hive entrance.  Cool sequences include running through huge fans and fighting a giant monster.  The others are pretty much disposable characters.  Cept Claire she makes it with Alice and they get into the inner part of the Hive.  They take the elevator down and see that all the world's elite are in cryogenic freeze.  Wesker... who've we've been seeing interfering with Alice the whole time lets the real Dr. Isaac out of cryo.  Wesker is a real bad guy... So Alice confronts Dr. Isaac and the real Alice, Alyssia comes out.  We figure that Alice was just a clone of Alyssia who approved of this entire T-Virus thing in the first place.  Alyssia fires Wesker from Umbrella and a door comes down on Wesker's leg pinning him.  A big fight breaks out between Alice and the real Dr. Isaac.  Alice gets a grenade in his pocket and it explodes putting a big hole in the side of him.

She gets the airbourne Anti-Virus from him.  A big explosion destroys the Hive because Wesker was holding a trigger but died from blood loss.  Somehow Dr. Isaac and his clone meet up next to Alice back at the surface.  The clone kills Dr. Isaac but gets eaten by zombies.  Alice drops the Anti-Virus in front of all of the zombies and collapses.  So is she dead?  Nope!  Even though she was a clone created from the T-Virus she was not infected!  Claire and Alice talk to the Red Queen one more time and says Alyssia put all her memories on record for Alice to have.  Alice goes her own way and says it will take a few years for the Earth to come back to life.  She takes off on a motorcycle with two flying monsters behind her.

So this movie has a lot of quick cutting ad nauseum.  And as cool as all of this plot sounds it is almost completely CGI.  I saw Pompeii (2014) and it too was almost completely CGI like this.  But the martial arts fights are top notch.  For people who've seen all the movies they may get a little more of the pay offs this movie delivers considering it's the 5th one.  I definitely liked it though and it came at a slow time in the year for movies.

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