Which TMNT character are you? (By Donatello)

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Hey Donny, Zip had this quiz that you did connected to her Fan page, so I decided to give us a topic here where people can post their answers.  What do you think?

Which TMNT character are You?
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Everyone post your answer here on this forum by doing the link to the image  with  [img] not with the html codes provided when you get your answer!  Which Turtle is everyone?

I have to do a reply to this topic otherwise Michaelangelo threatened to bap me. So...

Big surprise, eh? Especially since Don's my fav turtle. But I'm sure it would have been Fugitoid if he was a possible result.

Also, the following is the proper code to put in your post so the image displays properly and doesn't take forever to do so.


For Donatello:

For Leonardo:

For Michaelangelo:

For Raphael:

For April O'Neil:

For Casey Jones:

For Master Splinter:

For The Shredder:

For Foot Soldier:

I am of course

A match of my favorite turtle! Can't be too surprised about that now though can we? lol

Here is another related quiz that I found at the LJ TMNT Community. http://quizfarm.com/test.php?q_id=8788

You scored as Leonardo.

You need to relax and realize that life should be fun as well as orderly.  Your organization and willingness to be perfect will help you along the way, but sometimes you can be very annoying to others.

Leonardo 86%

Mater Splinter (The Rat) 61%

Donatello 54%

April O'Neil 50%

Raphael 14%

Michaelangelo 11%

Love that last test. Here's a link to my LJ to see the results, though you'll have to scroll down the longer you wait, eh, oh well.



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