Which TMNT character are you? (By Donatello)

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You are Raphael
Which TMNT character are You?

Mrr...always loved those sword-breakers, man.

Scored as Raph on the percent one, but was tied with Donnie...how's THAT for an odd cross?? Here're the percents:

 :raph3: 64%
 :don3: 64%
 :leo3: 50%
 :splinter: 46%
 :april: 39%
 :mike3: 25%

Never seem to have much Mikey in me...

Take the quiz: Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are You?

You're mature and get the job done. You are a natural born leader, and normally want to be the better of the group. You take your job seriously. You must! It may NOT be a game. When you select a sport, or something you want to do, you train continueously, constantly trying to perfect it. You're always prepared for a challenge, and are normally found one step ahead of your enemies. Loving family more than life itself, you are a good friend, and can be depended on at all times.

Aaaaaand...Leo. I get him almost as much as I get Raph.

As for the questions...

Have you checked out these quizes?...well, I took 'em, didn't I?

Who are you most of the time when you take them? Usually get Raphie...though I've gotten pretty much all of them 'cept mebbe Mikey at one time or another in various quizzes

Do you always get the same answer with TMNT characters? Nope

Do you answer the questions honestly or to get the character you want? I usually answer honestly...which is why I tend to get relatively varried results depending on my mood. Sure, the quizzes themselves can portray characters as flat, and usually do, but they're not exactly meant to be taken seriously, much like the "rate my life" quiz I've seen circulating all over the place, and the "Are You Pregnant" quiz on...uhh...cupid.com or whatever that thing was on. Laugh...you're less likely to end up with an embolism.

How do you feel about these quizes? ...warm and skishy? ...or does that just mean I need to go change clothes...I forget

Have you made one yourself? Ages ago...but not for TMNT *G*

Do you know another quiz we don't have here for TMNT characters that you'd like to share the link for? Don't have a link to it...but there was one I saw once on journals for "Which TMNT Baddie Are You?" Which I couldn't find 'cause the link was screwed up...I do remember it was on quizfarm somewhere, though.

*cough* So anyway...off to bed.

I've taken this quize a few times in the past, and I've either been Raph or Leo...

But hey, today I'm Mikey. Whaddya know.

And that other one...

Take the quiz:
Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are You?

You can be considered the 'dark one' of your family. You're a hot-head, face it. Or...the 'Realist' some may say. It's a dog-eat-dog world, you're a pretty big dog. You normally lay low until some one gets up your back. You're anti-social and short-tempered...and you're not big on admitting it! But, even though you can act kinda rude and not-there, you're a rather large teddy bear on the inside when it comes to the ones you love...in danger. You hate being called a, 'softy' and you're always ready to 'bring it'.
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I dunno how to get the code to work, but mine turtned out raph in both quizes

Lady Mew2:
So cool I'm Leo.


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